How does EcoBike compare to Other Cycling Companies?
With over ten years of hands-on experience, specializing exclusively in bicycling vacations, EcoBike is the best choice for cycling in Israel and the Mediterranean region.In contrary to many local companies, our tour leaders speak fluent English and are all-experienced, tour leaders.

What’s so Great about Your Tour Itineraries?
Each of our tour itineraries is carefully crafted to include not only spectacular, off-the-beaten-path cycling, but also offers special insight into the local culture and history encountered along the way. If you’d like to hear from past guests about how their EcoBike experience compared to other companies they’ve traveled with, please email us or give us a call. We will gladly put you in touch with some of them.

How do You Ensure Cycling Safety?
At EcoBike, we pay special attention to safety. In order to minimize any risks and possible accidents, a fifteen minute safety briefing is held at the beginning of every tour, explaining how to ride carefully and how to keep a safe distance from upcoming vehicles and obstacles. Moreover, each biker receives a detailed safety slip just in case he forgets the safety instructions or has additional questions. During the trip, our tour leaders always keep an eye on participants, and, if necessary, offer helpful advice.
All of our tours are accompanied by an emergency medical technician (EMT), who carries a first aid kit and, in cases of emergency, our pickup van, which is situated nearby, can transfer injured cyclers to a nearby medical facility.

Help! This is My first Bike Tour,Will I Manage?
Leave your worries behind! We encourage you to ride at your own pace, and you’ll have your own set of maps and written route directions. Your tour leader will know that this is your first tour, and will give you as much support as you require. We do recommend that you read our tour descriptions and grading definitions carefully and choose a trip that best suits your own abilities. Your tour confirmation kit will include training tips and a training schedule customized for the tour you’ve chosen. With the friendship of fellow cyclists and the support of our tour leader and van, you might be surprised at what you can do!

I’m an Experianced Cyclist,Won’t I Get Bored?
Several of our trips, such as the Israel Classic, Israel & Jordan, and the Egyptian Nile Expedition, are designed especially for advanced riders and are guaranteed to give you the adrenaline rush you’re looking for! Even our less strenuous trips offer a variety of route options.

Do you Allow Children on Your Trips?
Our tours are designed primarily for adults. Nevertheless, we encourage families to join our fabulous Bike Tel Aviv and Bike Jerusalem tours, where we welcome children as young as twelve years of age. All children must be competent cyclists, should feel comfortable being part of a predominantly adult group, and must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

Do I Have to Pay Extra if I Come Alone?
We welcome single travelers, and charge extra only in trips that include overnight accommodation if you book your tour less than 45 days prior to the departure date. If we are able to match you with a roommate, we will refund the extra charge. If you wish to be guaranteed a private room, the extra fee will always apply.

What are the Typical Tour Participants Like?
Our tours attract a variety of travelers from around the world, mostly American and European cyclists. Our maximum group size is 15 guests, with an average of 12 participants. A group is typically comprised of about half couples and half single travelers, with slightly more men than women. Around half of our guests are between the ages of 25 and 45.